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Thor has had an advanced relationship together with his hammer Mjölnir throughout the MCU motion pictures. And now a well-liked new fan concept argues that the Asgardian weapon is definitely Thor’s energy dampener. Reddit person brownpanther_333 even argues that it shops his power inside itself.

The fan argued that Odin knew his highly effective son was too brash and irresponsible, so wanted to study knowledge.

The theorist wrote: “He could not belief his son to deal with all that energy responsibly.

“He already had did not information his daughter onto the fitting path.

“He needed to take drastic measures, so he tasked the dwarfs with creating an influence dampener disguised as a weapon.”

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Always intending for Stormbreaker to be the true weapon for Thor, Mjölnir was merely a coaching weapon as his character grew in character.

The fan continued: “However, millennia handed and Thor remained brash and so Stormbreaker remained uncrafted.

“Finally Odin determined to show him humility and used Mjölnir’s power-draining and storing potential to strip Thor of his powers and retailer it in Mjölnir.

“This method whoever may carry the hammer would obtain the power of Thor from the hammer.”

The theorist added: “Maybe Thor finally understood it as well, which is why he insisted Captain America wield Mjölnir.”

At the top of Endgame, Captain America returned Thor’s hammer to alternate 2013 the place it had been borrowed from.

Now whereas Mjölnir was nonetheless destroyed by the hands of Hela in Thor Ragnarok, the Asgardian weapon is again by some means within the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

The 2022 MCU film sees Natalie Portman return as Thor’s ex-girlfriend Jane Foster.

However, this time she’s in a position to wield Mjölnir and in doing so turns into The Mighty Thor.

How precisely it will come about is one thing of a thriller, however what we do know is that Marvel Phase four will likely be messing round with the multiverse.

No doubt alternate 2012 Loki will likely be making a return too.

Thor Love and Thunder is launched in UK cinemas on February 18, 2022.

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