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Although this gauntlet was later confirmed to be pretend by Hela (Cate Blanchett) in Thor: Ragnarok, followers had been just a little confused as to how Odin knew in regards to the gauntlet itself, because it had been beforehand confirmed that the gauntlet was made for Thanos.

Speaking out on the matter, one fan on Reddit prompt Odin had already been part of some kind of infinity struggle a few years in the past.

Reddit consumer Night-Monkey15 wrote: “In Thor: Ragnarok Hela knocks over a pretend infinity gauntlet (everyone knows that) however this leaves two questions, 1. Why did Hela acknowledge it?

“And 2. Why did Odin have it? Well in Infinity War we be taught that the gauntlet was made only for Thanos, but when Odin had one then Thanos didn’t provide you with the concept he merely had it made, or remade.

“Hela recognizes it but she has been trapped for thousands of years meaning some time before she was trapped a real gauntlet was made and probably used, but by who? I don’t know.”

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