Beatles Jimi Hendrix: Were The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix mates? ‘Kicked out’ | Music | Entertainment

While it’s unclear how they met, one place grew to become a haven for each The Beatles and Jimi: 34 Montagu Square in Marylebone.

Only a pair months after arriving in London, Jimi, alongside together with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham, supervisor Chas and Chas’ girlfriend Lotta Null, moved into the basement and first flooring flats of 34 Montagu Square.

The cause that is notable because the flats had been, on the time, being leased by Sir Ringo, who sublet the areas to Jimi.

Prior to Jimi’s arrival, Sir Paul McCartney had been writing music in that house, making it synonymous with music historical past even earlier than their arrival.

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