Cost of well being care: Routine physician go to for a sore throat ends in a $28,000 medical invoice

“CBS This Morning” has partnered with Kaiser Health News and NPR on their “Bill of the Month” collection, which uncovers stunning medical payments. This week, we discover the story of girl who bought a invoice for greater than $28,000 after a routine journey to the physician.

A lady in New York City went to her physician due to a sore throat. Then days later, she bought a medical invoice for greater than $28,000.

Alexa Kasdan, who’s insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, wished to make sure her chilly signs weren’t something severe, so she made an appointment with a physician she had seen earlier than, Dr. Roya Fathollahi, stories CBS News correspondent David Begnaud.

“I thought maybe because my throat had started hurting a lot, I potentially had strep throat,” Kasdan stated.


CBS News

Her physician gave her a step throat tradition. “She sent in a nurse, and they did blood work. That was it. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I left,” Kasdan stated.

Within 10 days, Kasdan felt higher, however then she bought a number of sudden messages from the physician’s workplace. While each the physician and the lab that carried out the blood assessments have been in Kasdan’s insurance coverage community, the lab that processed the throat swab was not. Kasdan discovered that the physician had ordered an intensive, and costly, array of respiratory assessments.

“She didn’t give me any indication that she was going to do anything more than just a basic strep test,” Kasdan stated.

The invoice for these throat swab assessments totaled greater than $28,000. After deducting a co-pay, the insurance coverage firm paid the declare, sending Kasdan a verify for $25,865. 

Kasdan stated her physician’s workplace, which shares a telephone quantity and deal with with the lab, wished her to show over that total insurance coverage fee instantly.

“Blue Cross Blue Shield also kind of dropped the ball here, and they should have flagged this and they didn’t,” Kasdan stated.

Kasdan gave the verify to the physician, however Blue Cross Blue Shield informed Kaiser Health News it’s now reviewing the declare and has positioned a maintain on the verify. Kasdan’s physician didn’t reply to requests for remark.

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