Disney films quiz questions and solutions: 15 Disney questions in your dwelling pub quiz | Films | Entertainment

8) Mike Wachowski and James P. Sullivan are the primary characters during which Pixar film?

9) Which Hans Christian Anderson story is Frozen based mostly on?

10) Who performed the unique twins within the 1961 film The Parent Trap? (Bonus: Who performed the twins in its 1998 remake?)

11) In which yr was the primary Pirates of The Caribbean film launched? (Bonus: What was it known as?)

12) Which Disney animation follows the romance of two animals, who mistakenly eat the identical piece of spaghetti on the identical time?

13) Which Disney princess’s gown modifications color as she dances along with her prince on the finish of the film?

14) What are the three kids known as in The Incredibles?

15) Who performs Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries?

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