Easy quiz questions and solutions

Across the UK, weekly quiz nights have grown in reputation amid lockdown – with the flexibility to simply communicate with family and friends on apps like Zoom, Houseparty and Google Hangouts. Quiz rounds will be enjoyable to place collectively – with a variety of matters to select from.

These will be music, movie, historical past, science and extra.

Quizzes will be as simple or troublesome as you want – with the choice to make it simpler for any kids who need to participate.

Or you will be form and throw in a straightforward query or two throughout a tough spherical.

If you are struggling to provide you with some simple questions, Express.co.uk has rounded up just a few.

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Easy quiz questions and answers

Easy quiz questions: Easy quiz questions and solutions (Image: GETTY)

Easy quiz questions: Family video chatting

Easy quiz questions: Here are some simple questions for your loved ones pub quiz (Image: GETTY)

Easy quiz questions and solutions


1. How many wives did Henry VIII have?

2. Where would you discover the Golden Gate bridge?

3. What does BBC stand for?

Easy quiz questions: Woman video chatting

Easy quiz questions: Keeping in contact with household has by no means been simple (Image: GETTY)

11. What is the smallest planet within the photo voltaic system?

12. H2O is the chemical formulation for what?

13. Maris Piper and King Edward are kinds of what?

14. Who starred as Edward Scissorhands?

15. Brie and Camembert are sorts of which meals?

Easy quiz questions: Quiz sign

Easy quiz questions: Pub quizzes are sweeping the nation (Image: GETTY)


1. 6

2. San Francisco

3. British Broadcasting Corporation

4. Kid

5. Badger

6. Santa’s little helper

7. Stratford-upon-Avon

8. Johnny Depp

9. Kent

10. Kylie Jenner

11. Mercury

12. Water

13. Potato

14. Johnny Depp

15. Cheese

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