Elvis Presley ‘alive’: Grave error might present some proof that the King by no means died | Music | Entertainment

The gravestone reads: “Elvis Aaron Presley … He was a precious gift from God we cherished and loved dearly.”

Fans of the King will know his full title is definitely Elvis Aaron Presley – nonetheless that is not how he referred to himself.

Throughout his profession, he at all times wrote his title as Elvis Aron Presley.

Many followers thought this was a reference to his stillborn twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley.

Because Aaron was spelled with two As on the gravestone, followers have come to the conclusion he was really leaving an enormous clue to the very fact he’s alive and effectively.

Speaking out about this gravestone principle Elvis conspiracy theorist Gail Brewer-Giorgio requested: “Why would a man deliberately misspell the most famous name in the world? It just didn’t make sense.”

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