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There are numerous circumstances in ASOIAF wherein Jon Snow exhibits an unimaginable quantity of bodily power. When he was simply a teen in A Game of Thrones, it took two grown males to carry him down from killing a person. While there are a selection of examples in A Storm of Swords – however simply what’s the supply of this power?

Well, in a well-liked new submit on ASOIAF Reddit, person VoidBearer shared a few of these moments of nice power from the books.

And whereas they had been removed from conclusive, the theorist identified a number of doable sources.

They wrote: “What’s the supply of all this power? Is it Bastard Rage? Well, Jon (and by extension GRRM) clearly and textually refer to those feats as inconceivable. So it will need to have a supernatural supply.

“In addition, whereas the books do have some superhuman feats, these are largely feats of superhuman cleverness, or inconceivable quantities of talent, (similar to Brienne kind [of] preventing off seven expert and ferocious brigands). They are usually not feats of superhuman power or different equally fantastical exploits (Discounting magic, and GRRM’s “miracle” that was Dany surviving the hearth.)”

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They continued: “Let’s look at additional: is it maybe Jon’s capability to warg and his connection to Ghost?

“Well of all exploits of Jon’s superhuman power, the best one is carried out with out Ghost close by.

“In addition, not one of the different wargs within the ebook (Stark or in any other case) have gained such capabilities from their connections.

“Certainly, they carry out wonderful feats, however Varamyr Sixskins warged a bear for god’s sakes and he by no means exhibited tremendous power. So we will rule out Jon’s warg connection.”

But then they got here to the truth that we all know Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen, the true inheritor to the Iron Throne.

The theorist wrote: “The final potential supply of Jon’s super-strength (that I can guess at) is Dragon’s blood. Textual proof (and the present) point out that Jon is probably going descended from Targaryens. Perhaps Jon is the Prince that was Promised?

“It’s doable, however the myths have not linked that determine to super-strength, and there is a lot conjecture in that space, I’d fairly not go there.

“No, let’s stick to what textual content can point out. Viserys and Dany do check with situations of “waking the dragon”. There does not appear to be different textual indicators of such occasions, nevertheless it does give us one thing to go off of.”

They added: “Perhaps Viserys had heard of situations of Targ’s performing such feats, and imagine[d] that when he acted in rage he was doing one thing comparable?

“He was definitely utilizing it as an excuse to abuse his sister, however there no less than is one thing there [to] presumably point out a supply of extra-human power.

“While there’s probably the most textual proof of Jon’s Targ heritage being the supply of power, the hyperlink is tenuous at finest.”

With two ASOIAF books in The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, hopefully, George RR Martin will reveal the true supply of Jon Snow’s power quickly sufficient.

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