Hair-raising: Britons get by 216 bottles of hair product annually

A typical family will even undergo 24 bottles of bathe gel, 24 tubes of toothpaste, 12 bottles of moisturiser and 108 lavatory rolls annually. However, they solely recycle an estimated 60 p.c of this plastic waste – leaving the remainder to go to landfill – with a 3rd of Brits admitting they don’t even think about the environmental affect of their haircare and wonder regime.

The examine, commissioned by Swiss precision magnificence firm, Réduit, discovered 11 p.c merely “can’t be bothered” to make extra sustainable adjustments to their hair and wonder routine.

While one in 10 admitted they “don’t care’, almost a fifth don’t know easy methods to and 23 p.c wouldn’t know the place to start out in the event that they have been to make a change.

CEO of Réduit Paul Peros stated: “Taking care of our hair and look is simply a part of our routine, and we frequently neglect concerning the affect it may well have.

“Our examine has proven how folks will mindlessly use and bin plastic merchandise, and never take into consideration how they may make small switches which have a big impact.

“It can appear fairly daunting at first – attempting one thing new – however there’s plenty of methods you can also make extra sustainable adjustments together with your hair and wonder regime.”

The examine additionally discovered that 41 p.c didn’t know that chemical compounds from hair merchandise taking place the drain and hairsprays are unhealthy for the surroundings.

In reality, a fifth of Britons will even flush issues like cotton buds, face wipes or sanitary merchandise down the bathroom.

And an additional 38 p.c didn’t know that the majority business face and child wipes include plastics.

It additionally emerged that the typical grownup will shampoo their hair 4 instances per week, and use conditioner thrice – with males utilizing extra product to care for his or her hair than girls.

But 13 p.c refuse to make extra sustainable haircare regime adjustments as a result of they’re afraid that switching merchandise may harm their locks.

Nearly three in 4 admitted they don’t actually know what the true affect is of their hair and wonder routine on the planet.

Yet 61 p.c really feel responsible concerning the quantity of plastic bottles they get by because of their hair and wonder merchandise, in accordance with the OnePoll information.

More than half do attempt to be extra eco-friendly of their way of life, however admitted they’re much less strict on the subject of what they use to handle their look and their hair.

In reality, simply three in 10 have already seemed to make a change in shopping for eco-friendly magnificence merchandise, with three in 10 making such purchases as soon as a month.

But a stunning one in 5 wouldn’t even think about switching to merchandise that are kinder to the planet.

Paul Peros added: “It’s a disgrace that so many are unaware of what affect their magnificence regimes are having on the planet which is why at Réduit we’re bringing the options to the forefront to reimagine our magnificence and haircare choices for a extra sustainable future.

“Many of the eco-friendly hair and wonder merchandise on the market aren’t simply good for the planet, however have plenty of different advantages.

“They usually last more due to the way in which they’re designed and are a lot simpler to remove with you as a result of they don’t at all times include liquid shampoos and conditioners – so no extra pesky spillages in your suitcase too.”

The common Briton’s month-to-month family utilization

2 bottles of shampoo

2 bottles of conditioner

2 tubs of hair masks

2 cans of hairspray

2 tubs of hair gel

2 bottles of conditioner spray

2 bottles dry shampoo

2 bottles of styling spray

2 bottles of warmth protector

2 bottles of bathe gel

2 tubes of toothpaste

2 bottles of hand cleaning soap

A bottle of moisturiser

2 bottles of bubble bathtub

2 bottles of mouthwash

2 bottles of bathroom cleaner

2 cans of deodorant

9 bathroom rolls

6 cotton buds

7 cotton balls/pads

7 face wipes

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