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Harry Potter followers have all the time dreamed of going to Hogwarts, however have you ever ever thought of simply how harmful the place is? It’s not precisely a secure place to ship kids. And but a extremely popular new fan idea argues that Harry Potter and his buddies are principally all the time secure at Hogwarts, whereas additionally claiming the true motive of why Voldemort misplaced.

Reddit person logouteventually wrote: “Many folks have famous the (seemingly) absolute madness of sending your little one to Hogwarts.

“One mistaken syllable, wand flick, or ingredient they usually would possibly explode. Indeed almost all the pieces they do might very simply kill them. Or so it appears.

“Why would wizards ship their youngsters to a deathtrap? And why aren’t there extra deaths? Granted there are some, however I’ll get to that.

“My idea is that Hogwarts, and possibly all wizarding faculties and probably another institutions, have ‘nerf’ charms that guarantee nobody can die or be significantly (i.e., irreparably) injured whereas on the grounds.”

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The theorist continued: “This explains so many issues. I’ll simply do one.

“Quidditch is a lethal sport that nobody would ever play, and but faculty youngsters are out doing it. 

“They point out that ‘no one’s died in years’ which is both only a joke or a reference to a pre-nerf faculty, maybe earlier than Dumbledore. There are many, MANY, extra that I’m positive everybody can consider on their very own.

“But it’s clear that normally, all the scholars face many conditions in which you’d die, even when you have been a wizard. And but (virtually) nobody ever does.”

The theorist then gave an in depth and prolonged checklist of explanations for actual deaths and actual worry of deaths at Hogwarts, earlier than lastly attending to Voldemort and arguably the true motive that he died.

They argued: “Most importantly, Voldemort tries to make use of the killing curse on Harry AFTER the battle is over. With just one individual inflicting hurt, the spell is efficient once more and was in a position to forestall Harry from dying.

“Voldemort dies however he was principally already useless, and since the appeal noticed him as a menace and eradicated him. I do not assume anybody would die from expelliarmus alone. (And we truly noticed the identical factor occur earlier than, with Dobby ‘magically’ saving Harry from the killing curse; Lucius did not truly end casting it, so the countermeasure wasn’t as robust, however the menace was eradicated).

“Did Voldemort know concerning the appeal? I feel so.”

They added: “This is why he labored the best way he did, within the shadows recruiting followers. He cannot simply go kill everybody as a result of the nerf appeal is simply too highly effective. 

“Why not simply have each Death Eater attempt to kill Harry at college? You know the place he sleeps. But the appeal is just too highly effective. At the very least he discovered after the primary ebook.

“But he most likely knew or had some thought earlier than that. He stored horcruxes at Hogwarts as a result of he knew it was secure they usually would not draw consideration by killing folks. He knew sufficient about “institutional” magic that he cursed the place of Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor. Where do you assume he bought that concept? But, in his conceitedness, he assumed he had destroyed the appeal and will kill Harry.

“I doubt anybody else knew, aside from the overall consciousness that Hogwarts was secure.”

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