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Lord Voldemort failed to find that Snape was actually on Dumbledore’s aspect all alongside. But being such a strong mind-reader how did he fail to spot this? Well a preferred new Harry Potter fan idea argues that Tom Riddle couldn’t comprehend love and so Snape’s affections for Lily Potter and need to guard The Boy Who Lived may by no means have been detected.

Reddit user Riddlers_Razor argues: “It has been said that Lord Voldemort is probably essentially the most expert Legilimens within the wizarding world.

“In the books, each Professor Snape and Narcissa Malfoy have been in a position to disguise their lies from Voldemort.

“Snape did in order a part of his historical past as a triple agent who was actually working for Dumbledore and The Order of The Phoenix, in addition to when Narcissa lied to Voldemort about Harry being useless within the forest.

“There are some individuals who stated that due to this Snape and Narcissa are maybe essentially the most completed Occlumens within the wizarding world since they have been each in a position to disguise their true intentions from Voldemort. I’ve a idea nevertheless that differs.”

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They wrote: “Firstly allow us to think about that the act of mind-reading as strolling via a collection of corridors in an individual’s thoughts the place there are doorways that open to all of the recollections and needs inside the individual’s thoughts.

“It has been said many occasions earlier than that each characters, Snape and Narcissa, acted out of affection. Snape was motivated by his love for Lily Potter, and Narcissa was motivated by the love for her son Draco. (Let us not overlook that the magic energy of a mom’s love was the beginning of the entire saga between Harry and Voldemort).

“It has been said many occasions that as a result of Tom Riddle was conceived out of a loveless union between Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt and likewise as a result of his mom died simply as he was born he by no means skilled love and doesn’t perceive love in any respect.

“Now within the first ebook when Harry and Hagrid are in London and about to enter The Leaky Cauldron, Harry notices that the non-wizard folks strolling previous appear to not discover the doorway. They don’t have any notion of magic in any way, simply as Voldemort has no idea of information of or appreciation for love himself.”

The theorist added: “Just just like the Muggles on that London avenue, Voldemort wouldn’t even be capable to understand it. He would stroll proper previous.

“Likewise for Narcissa, if Voldemort took a stroll via her thoughts, he would stroll previous the door with a carving of Narcissa cradling a new child child Draco, and never understand it.

“The level that I’m making is that it’s stated that for Narcissa and Snape to cover their true motives from different witches and wizards, they might have needed to have been nice Occlumens, which could possibly be true, at the least for Snape.

“However, with respect to Voldemort utilizing Legilimency to find their intentions, due to his lack of ability to grasp love, the secrets and techniques of their minds have been by no means in any actual hazard of being found.”

Yesterday marked JK Rowling’s 55th birthday.

The Harry Potter creator, who was an impoverished single mom, was rejected 12 occasions earlier than getting revealed.

After a £1500 advance from Bloomsbury, who weren’t anticipating a lot from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the collection took off.

Today Harry Potter has bought over 500 million copies worldwide and Rowling is now believed to be price as a lot as $1 billion.

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