History quiz questions and solutions: 15 questions in your historical past dwelling pub quiz

History questions are a mainstay of pub quiz rounds, as they are often straightforward to reply or deceptively tough. Quizmasters even have 1000’s of eras and international locations to select from, starting from the traditional world to World War Two.

15 historical past questions in your pub quiz spherical

History questions are versatile, however they’ll additionally show tough to supply as a consequence of their large vary.

As such, individuals might have a hand arising with the appropriate inquiries to ask their friends with out fully blindsiding them.

Here, Express.co.uk has compiled 15 questions individuals can pose to their pub quiz friends.

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12. Who led the accomplice military through the American civil conflict?

12. General Robert E Lee

13. Which of Henry VIII’s wives shares a reputation with a British actress?

13. Jane Seymour

14. Which French fortress performed a pivotal position in 18th-century politics?

14. The Bastille

15. Which Roman emperor declared conflict on Neptune, God of the ocean?

15. Caligula

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