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The live performance, on November 28, 1984, was to have a good time Elton’s first wave of world success, using excessive on his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. During the present he introduced out a shock visitor star. John was so nervous backstage he was bodily in poor health however he had made a guess with Elton and couldn’t get out of it. The full extraordinary story ended wth one thing neither of them anticipated. The clue was within the particular flower John wore pinned to his jacket. That night time was additionally the final time the previous Beatle would ever carry out stay on stage. SCROLL DOWN WATCH EXTRAORDINARY FOOTAGE FROM THE CONCERT.

John and Elton had fashioned an intense friendship in 1973 – Elton known as it “a dream come true” – after the previous had left his spouse Yoko Ono for music government Mae Pang.

Elton performed and sang on the Beatles legend’s fifth album Walls & Bridges. In a brand new interview with Sean to have a good time his father’s 80th birthday, Elton tells the entire incredible story of what occurred after they recorded the monitor Whatever Gets You Thru The Night within the studio.

Elton mentioned: “I used to be very nervous, nevertheless it was nice enjoyable and it was a terrific monitor. And I mentioned, ‘Listen, I said, this is a number one record.’

“And he (John) mentioned, ‘No, no, we’re not going to put this out as a single first… and I said, ‘Listen, if it gets to number one, you’ve got to come on stage to me.’ And he by no means thought in 1,000,000 years, it might get to primary, and it did.”

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John Lennon at Elton Madison Square Gardens concert 1974 with white gardenia

John Lennon at Elton Madison Square Gardens live performance 1974 with white gardenia (Image: GETTY)

John Lennon and Sean in 1977

John Lennon and Sean in 1977 (Image: GETTY)

Fast ahead to November 28, 1974 and John was regretting his promise.

Elton mentioned: “I can completely inform you he was terrified and I can inform you that he was bodily sick earlier than the present, completely bodily sick.

“We’d rehearsed. He was nice in rehearsal earlier, however I believe when he got here on stage he was nice, as a result of the reception that he bought at Thanksgiving at Madison Square Garden in 1974 was, I’ve by no means heard a noise or roar prefer it.

“And all of us get goosebumps fascinated about it. And a variety of us cried, and there have been tears operating down our faces as a result of right here was one of many 4 people who had been the largest band ever popping out and taking part in with us.”

Look on the footage and pictures and you will notice John has a white gardenia pinned to his jacket. It would change the remainder of his life.

Sean explains: “That present is so legendary for me personally, as a result of I grew up with this {photograph} of my mother and pa backstage at your present. And they’re taking a look at one another with actual love of their eyes and so they had been separated for 18 months, apparently, and I do know that is if you guys had been hanging out, you and my dad.

“The story is that my mom hadn’t necessarily intended on going to the show, she did with a friend. She told me she sent a white gardenia backstage.”

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John Lennon and Elton John together on stage

John Lennon and Elton John collectively on stage (Image: GETTY)

This opened the door for John and Yoko to reunite after the present.

Elton mentioned: “We went to the Pierre Hotel for a little after show thing and my manager, myself, John Reed, and myself sat at a table with your mom and your dad… The fact that he got back together with your mum and then they had you and that consequently that’s why you asked me to be your godfather, because it was happenstance and Kismet.”

Sean replied: “I was born nine months later, approximately, I mean, almost to the day. So in a way, if it wasn’t for you playing that show, I can honestly say I wouldn’t even exist probably.”

He additionally thanked Elton for his highly effective musical tribute to John after his demise

Sean mentioned: “I believe perhaps the primary live performance I ever went to was yours really, as properly. And I keep in mind it fairly properly. I used to be very younger, I believe I used to be 5 – 6. It was proper after dad had handed away and also you let my mother and I come up on stage.

“It was actually unbelievable as a result of I hadn’t even been to a live performance, not to mention Madison Square Garden with you taking part in. I keep in mind you wore this big yellow duck costume which was simply so nice for me as a result of it was actually like my age group form of viewers. I really like cartoons and I simply liked it a lot, however I by no means forgot that you simply had written a track known as Empty Garden about Dad.”

Elton mentioned: “I really like the lyric and I really like the track… (It jogs my memory) how a lot I liked your father… It’s very onerous for me to sing it, I get fairly emotional singing that track and it strikes me a lot as a result of it jogs my memory of how, God in case your dad was alive in the present day are you able to think about what he’d be doing!”

Sean replied: “I do, I attempt to think about it on a regular basis, to be trustworthy. But I’ve to say that track actually, actually meant rather a lot to me on the time and I bought to thanks for it as a result of I listened to it rather a lot.

“I think it was really healing for me because I was very young, but I knew you were friends, knew you were my godfather, I knew he was singing about dad and it’s a real powerful tune. And not everyone remembers it, but I, I listen to it all the time. And I think it was sort of part of my mourning process. You know, I gotta thank you for that.”

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