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In a shock twist of occasions, Ben Affleck is popping out of his Batman retirement to reprise Bruce Wayne in yet another DCEU film. The 48-year-old starred as The Dark Knight in Batman v Superman and Justice League and is now set to characteristic in Ezra Miller’s The Flash. According to Vanity Fair, Affleck’s Batman will seem alongside Michael Keaton’s incarnation within the DC multiverse mashup.

The 2022 film is already that includes Michael Keaton’s Batman too, however director Andy Muschietti feels Affleck’s model is the emotional spring-board wanted earlier than Flash meets Tim Burton’s Caped Crusader.

After all, Batfleck is The Dark Knight that the DCEU’s Flash has already come throughout in Justice League.

The director stated: “He’s a really substantial a part of the emotional impression of the film.

“The interplay and relationship between Barry and Affleck’s Wayne will deliver an emotional degree that we haven’t seen earlier than.”

Muschietti continued: “He’s the baseline. He’s a part of that unaltered state earlier than we soar into Barry’s journey.

“There’s a familiarity there.”

On the DC film multiverse, he stated: “This film is a little bit of a hinge within the sense that it presents a narrative that suggests a unified universe the place all of the cinematic iterations that we’ve seen earlier than are legitimate.

“It’s inclusive within the sense that it’s saying all that you just’ve seen exists, and all the things that you just will see exists, in the identical unified multiverse.”

Earlier right this moment, Reeves shared the primary have a look at The Batman’s emblem in pink and black.

Meanwhile, there’s the Justice League Snyder Cut within the works for HBO Max subsequent yr too.

On Saturday, Zack Snyder will exhibit the primary trailer for his model of the DC epic at digital occasion DC FanDome.

The Snyder Cut will probably be a four-hour director’s minimize or miniseries for the US streaming service.

Meanwhile, the following DCEU film for launch on Warner Bros’ slate is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984.

The delayed comedian e book film is at the moment set of an October 2, 2020 launch.

A sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, set in the course of the First World War, Wonder Woman 1984 takes place within the eighties, because the title reveals.

So it’s nonetheless a prequel to Diana’s debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and her function in Justice League.

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