Oasis followers: Was Oasis fashionable within the USA? Do Americans like Oasis? | Music | Entertainment

“We just couldn’t understand why you have to enter into theatrics with Rolling Stone magazine on a day off, because we were s***-kickers from the streets and didn’t have time for that.”

After that, he complained about how his brother, Liam, with whom he has had a difficult relationship, and the way his frontman type additionally rubbed individuals’s backs up.

He continued: “We also didn’t have a front man like Bono or Chris Martin, we had a different kind of front-man who was like Johnny Rotten, but I don’t think anybody … would look back at it with regret, we did what we did on our own terms…”

Noel even claimed the American audiences couldn’t perceive their accents, which precipitated some battle and issue in performing.

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