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This video was filmed at Clevedon Pier, and has in flip prompted a variety of tourism for the city.

Phil Curme, Chairman of the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust stated on the matter: “This has been a very difficult year for the Pier, but an unexpected highlight has been the way in which Clevedon Pier has been an essential place for One Direction fans to visit, in much the same way as Abbey Road became an iconic location for fans of The Beatles.”

He added: “Ever for the reason that launch of the ‘10 Years of One Direction’ video on 23 July, we’ve had followers coming to the Pier and taking photographs and movies, and looking out on the particular plaque which was put as much as mark the day that the group spent filming right here on 23 March 2014.”

The music video was launched in 2014 and has given rise to a different inflow of followers visiting the cultural landmark.

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