Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing: The horrible reality – What he actually considered Jennifer Gray | Films | Entertainment

Swayze battled a painful knee harm all through the shoot, however his temper was worsened by his irritation with Gray.

He wrote in his autobiography The Time of My Life: “She appeared significantly emotional, typically bursting into tears if somebody criticized her.

“Other occasions, she slipped into foolish moods, forcing us to do scenes again and again when she’d begin laughing…(I) didn’t have an entire lot of endurance for doing a number of retakes.”

Yes, he’s speaking about that cute fan favorite scene the place Baby cannot cease guffawing throughout a dance rehearsal. It was prompted by Gray’s ticklishness which solely added to her co-star’s frustration.

Gray was additionally extraordinarily nervous about doing a little if these iconic however admittedly harmful strikes.

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