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Harry Potter (performed by Daniel Radcliffe) noticed his justifiable share of horrific occasions over the.

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Hogwarts home founder Salazar Slytherin created the Chamber of Secrets within the dungeons of Hogwarts.

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Lord Voldemort failed to find that Snape was actually on Dumbledore’s aspect all alongside. But.

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And but immediately the Harry Potter e book collection is without doubt one of the.

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The author was behind one of many world’s greatest promoting collection of books, which captured.

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JK Rowling delivered to life among the finest youngsters’s characters in latest historical past. The.

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Harry Potter is a much-loved ebook and movie franchise worldwide, with spin-off motion pictures within.

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Harry Potter has grow to be probably the most well-known fictional characters internationally. The first.

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Joanne Rowling — recognized by her creator title of JK Rowling — was a single.

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Hard 1) What position does Kingsley Shacklebolt have? 2) What phrases are left etched into.