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Last yr, George RR Martin set himself a private deadline of July 29, 2020 for The Winds of Winter’s completion. However, earlier this summer time the 71-year-old Game of Thrones creator admitted on his weblog he nonetheless has an extended approach to go, regardless of a lot latest progress in lockdown. As it stands, the writer hopes that The Winds of Winter’s launch date might be in 2021.

And now a preferred new fan concept argues that Martin is within the closing spherical of modifying The Winds of Winter forward of publication subsequent yr.

ASOIAF Reddit user Joshikins29 wrote: “Will 2021 lastly be the yr we get TWOW after a 10 yr wait?

“After a spate of Not A Blog updates by GRRM, I’m feeling a bit extra assured.

“Specifically, I feel it is doable that George has written a full draft of TWOW and is now doing a closing spherical of modifying earlier than submitting the guide for publication.”

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They commented: “This is a really quick tempo of writing, and suggests to me that George is modifying and finalising current chapters relatively than writing fully new ones.

One might object to this argument by stating that George stated he completed ‘new’ chapters, however up to now George has explicitly clarified that when he stated ‘completed three new chapters’ he meant that he finalised chapters that had already been written (to some extent) up to now.”

Secondly, the theorist identified the geographic scope of characters the writer has been writing for The Winds of Winter.

They wrote: “In the last several Not A Blog posts, George has mentioned that he has been writing characters located in Northern Westeros (Asha and Melisandre); Southern Westeros (Cersei and Areo); Braavos (Arya); and Slaver’s Bay (Tyrion, Barristan, and Victarion).”

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The fan continued: “If George was nonetheless coping with a Meereenese Knot, Northern Knot, and so forth, then we’d anticipate George to be centered narrowly on characters positioned in a selected space versus characters scattered throughout Westeros and Essos.

“Therefore, I feel it makes extra sense that George goes by means of and modifying the chapters one-by-one within the order they’re going to seem within the accomplished guide.”

And thirdly, the theorist commented on the particular characters Martin has been writing in Victarion and Arya in Braavos, quoting the writer’s August weblog submit which learn: “I’m spending the times in Westeros with my buddies Mel and Sam and Vic and Ty.”

They wrote: “The inclusion of ‘Vic’ (i.e., Victarion Greyjoy) was particularly eyebrow-raising as a result of most theorists anticipate him to die early on in TWOW. Surely George has accomplished a minimum of the primary half of TWOW in spite of everything of this time, and so why on this planet would he be engaged on a Victarion chapter? The reply, I imagine, is that George has accomplished a full draft of the manuscript and is now circling again to earlier chapters within the novel so as to do a closing spherical of modifying.”

The fan added: “Another piece of proof for that is that George has stated repeatedly in latest weeks that he’s engaged on Arya chapters set in Braavos. This is curious as a result of George has talked about how he has already written quite a lot of Arya materials up to now (a brief novella’s value!), and, ostensibly, Arya’s Braavos chapters ought to happen to start with to center of TWOW since she’s going to doubtless return to Westeros sooner or later throughout the novel.

“Again, I feel the reason that makes probably the most sense is that George is doing a closing spherical of modifying relatively than writing fully new Arya chapters.”

Before concluding, they quoted Martin in June saying, “It’s going to be a huge book, and I still have a long way to go”, after which argued: “I feel this assertion mixed together with his optimism about progress on TWOW is in step with George doing a closing spherical of modifying on the novel, however solely being within the preliminary phases of stated revisions.

“That would imply he does have an extended approach to go when it comes to the variety of chapters to revise (i.e., 500+ pages), however that he believes the manuscript is usually in fine condition and so would not want any extra main revisions. That being stated, even when I’m proper George might nonetheless discover main issues with the manuscript that require important revisions, delaying the discharge of the guide additional. However, I’m hopeful 2021 would be the yr that winter does certainly come.”

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