When can we hug our kinfolk? Can we go and see household now?

The new measures have been hit by some on-line backlash, as individuals complain about nonetheless not having the ability to see their household.

One Twitter consumer wrote: “PMs questions tomorrow – he will be fielding questions from members of the public – I imagine one of these at least will cover the issue surrounding seeing family and friends. Hopefully we will get some clarity!”

Another stated: “Feel like the whole of the UK is more confused after that?! It was in no way, shape or form clear what so ever [sic] about what happens next. Didn’t even mention about seeing family which I think is all anyone’s bothered about right now!” 

While one other consumer tweeted: “Also, what’s the deal now with those who were shielding? Or elderly relatives? Seeing family? Where’s the guidance? Where’s the concise, clear advice? Just more muddled, confused messaging, deliberately intended to mislead. I don’t want a 2nd wave but surely it’s inevitable now.”

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