Winds of Winter replace: Why has George RR Martin STILL not completed the e-book? | Books | Entertainment

However, there are different theories on why the e-book is taking so lengthy, with some suggesting the poor reception of the ultimate sequence of Game of Thrones has compelled Martin to alter his story plans, and make The Winds of Winter extra palatable for followers,

One A Song of Ice and Fire knowledgeable BryndenBFish, who has spoken out earlier than in regards to the the upcoming e-book, has revealed another excuse why the e-book could also be delayed barely.

He tweeted: “One of the strangest issues about TWOW [The Winds of Winter] is that GRRM wasn’t planning on having the Battle of Ice happen on-page.

“Like he appears to have determined very, very late in writing ADWD [A Dance with Wolves] that he ought to write it — like we’re speaking just a few months earlier than he completed ADWD.

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