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The X-Men film timeline is fairly convoluted, particularly after the occasions of X-Men: Days of Future Past. In that film, Kitty Pryde sends Wolverine again to 1973 to alter the previous. While Deadpool and Cable’s time travelling makes issues much more complicated.

But now a preferred new fan concept argues that the plot holes throughout the X-Men films could be defined away by the ever-changing timeline.

It’s much like the best way that Marty McFly returns to a special and higher 1985 on the finish of Back to the Future, following his meddling in 1955.

Reddit user filmnerd14 argued: “The timeline is muddled and options characters wanting totally different and being youthful or older in locations the place they shouldn’t be.

“Sometimes they’re even undone and introduced again to life…my concept? In Days of Future Past, it’s confirmed that Kitty has been sending individuals again into the previous a number of instances to keep away from loss of life and such. Not solely that, Deadpool has been utilizing Cable’s watch as proven on the finish of DP2.”

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The theorist wrote: “What if, due to on a regular basis journey from all these totally different closing dates and totally different areas, the timeline was all the time altering and due to this fact couldn’t keep constant.

“Think of it because the butterfly impact, the place one small change in human historical past has a MASSIVE impact for the longer term.

“Maybe if Wolverine modifications the previous…it creates a butterfly impact of Colossus being Russian as a substitute of the one we noticed within the OG trilogy and DOFP.

“Then when Deadpool time travels in DP2, he undoes the impact and makes him American once more and in a position to shift again to human kind like we see on the finish of Days of Future Past.”

They continued: “Another chance is that if Deadpool kills Hitler like within the prolonged version, it causes the universe to nonetheless have a mass genocide occasion however as a substitute of Nazis, it’s Alkali and their elimination of mutants like in Logan – by poisoning water and [don’t forget] Charles’ seizures.

“But as a result of Deadpool and Kitty have each been utilizing time journey, the universe has to remain balanced with two idiots altering time itself in several methods. So due to this fact it’s affecting the individuals previously and future as nicely, to remain in place.

“Now Angel has been alive because the 70s, Sabretooth hasn’t met Wolverine or doesn’t acknowledge he’s his brother, Logan references occasions from the brand new and outdated timelines and Mystique has by no means killed Trask.

“Not solely that, Logan confuses issues by having Charles in a deleted scene say Logan killed Jean and say he noticed him cage combating. But it additionally mentions one thing like Wolverine killing the villain’s dad in Apocalypse, jumbling all of it up.”

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They added: “What if the universe was fixing itself in the middle of the movie, which meant Wolverine could also suddenly know he was in a program with Sabretooth despite never knowing who he was in the first movie?”

The theorist summed up: “The universe needs certain events to happen or have the same effects on history in order to stay at peace, [hence[ why the X-Men continuity is constantly changing.”

With Fox being bought to Disney, this incarnation of the X-Men is coming to an finish.

However, there may be another film to go in The New Mutants, earlier than the X-Men are rebooted within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Originally set to launch over two years in the past, The New Mutants is the primary X-Men horror film.

The synopsis reads: “Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.”

The superhero film stars Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy, however who is aware of the way it will affect the X-Men film timeline.

The New Mutants is about for launch in UK cinemas on September 4, 2020.

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